This is for people who struggle with atopic dermatitis (Neurodermitis) / allergies / histamine intolerance. Or simply those who need some cheering up and can't see medical or esoteric websites anymore.
My blog is set in Vienna. I write mostly in English though.

Histamine Intolerance:
Things you can eat
| Things you should avoid

Dec 4 '12

painfreejourney-deactivated2013 asked:

Is NAET still going well for you?

yes, I’m still doing it and have the feeling it helps a lot! currently we are working on wheat. today is my weekly appointment ^^ maybe i’m ready to take on yeast.

also ayurveda is helping me a great deal. i learned what my body needs and doesn’t need. my skin has improved dramatically. 

anusara yoga: unconditional self love.
taking care of myself first and then tend to others is one of the hardest things to learn, but necessary to stay healthy. also i learned not to be so strict and judgmental with myself. most important of all, i learned to breathe :)

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Aug 30 '12

Anonymous asked:

Hi there, I was wondering if you knew of any specialists in Histamine Intolerance (not inc. Dirk Budka). Is Vienna a good place to look?

Sorry, I haven’t found one.

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Aug 8 '12

lost-on-the-island asked:

Ich denke, ich kann auf Deutsch schreiben :) Ich habe Neurodermitis seit ich ein Baby war und dazu auch noch jede Menge Allergien. Keine Salbe hilft so wirklich und ich ziehe mich immer weiter aus dem normalen Leben zurück weils mich so deprimiert. Zum Glück bin ich jetzt auf deinen blog gestoßen! Auf meinem Allergiebericht ist auch Histamin mit vermerkt aber ich wusste nie wirklich was das ist und mein Arzt hat auch nix weiter dazu gesagt. Ich werde in Zukunft versuchen deine Tipps anzuwenden!

Was mir sehr sehr hilft ist meine Ernährungsweise (kein Zucker, keine fertigen Produkte, wenig Milchprodukte und Weizen). 

Was ich gerade mache ist NAET Therapie und ich denke es hilft mir sehr gut.

Seit fast 3 Monaten praktiziere ich auch Anusara Yoga und merke kaum noch etwas vom Ausschlag :D

Ich wünsche dir alles Gute auf deinem Weg. Schieß einfach los wenn du fragen hast! Wenn du möchtest, daß deine Fragen privat beantwortet werden schreibs einfach dazu :)

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Jul 9 '12

squigglypuff asked:

hey, i saw you posted under the "lasik" tag ... how was your procedure? healing and recovery? are you glad you did it? i'm going in a week or so and i'm such a chickenshit about it :\


i’m doing well! it was REALLY uncomfortable. the more you relax, the easier the prcedure will be. if they offer you valium, TAKE IT ^^

i’m glad i did it though! my eye muscles need training , because it takes me longer to focus, but they said it’ll normalize within a month after the procedure. don’t get me wrong, I can see pretty well and read signs, but sometimes they’re still a bit blurry. when I focus longer, the image gets sharper. 

Go in there with a positive feeling. think about how this will change your life for the better. you are brave and you can do it!

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Jun 19 '12

Lasers on my eyes!


Today in precisely six and a half hours someone will carve around on my eyeballs with a laser. I’m doing this because I want to see the world how it really is. I wear glasses since I’m six years old. My eyesight is very very bad and now that I’ve started with sports it grows more annoying every day. 

I wonder how this will affect me. I don’t recognize myself on pictures without glasses.
I’m scared but excited. I’m sure everything will be alright.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.


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Jun 5 '12

Balneo Photo Therapy

Therme Wien Med

Today I started my first session of the Balneo-Photo Therapy at Therme Wien Med for my atopic dermatitis.

It’s a beautifully designed environment where I felt really comfortable.

  1. At first I get to bathe in sulfur water for ten minutes
  2. Followed by 80 seconds of light exposure
  3. In the last part I get oiled and wrapped in paper and linen and rest for 20 minutes

Luckily the insurance covers this treatment. The doctor said it’s normal if the skin breaks out afterwards. (It has a little.)

I’ll do this 3 times a week now for 16 sessions in total. 
The goal is to strengthen the immune system and the skins ability to heal itself and help against inflammation. 

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May 31 '12

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May 31 '12

First NAET session

Yesterday I’ve been to my first NAET session. Mainly what it does is to wipe your brain clean of the idea that certain harmless substances (f.e. pollen) cause harm. A person does that using acupressure to bring the body to react appropriately. The idea is that everything has an electromagnetic field (which is true) and it is a crash of those fields against mine that causes a bad reaction. So my field needs to be fixed.

Here’s a text from the website www.naet.com.

"NAET® is a unique method to balance blockages. Former patients lead once again a normal life. Particular diets don’t have to be taken into account anymore. 

Another key advantage: NAET® works without unpleasant blood or skin tests, injections or medication. The quest for the food and environmental sensitivity-triggering substances and right treatments is painless and harmless. The method is therefore suitable for treatment of both babies and young children.

NAET® has proved its effectiveness over the course of many years.  We see patients with hay fever and dairy intolerance to neurodermatitis induced food and environmental sensitivities, migraines and hyperactivity. Results prove over and over again how well NAET® works.”


So far so good. It started with a long conversation about myself and my allergies / food intolerances. She explained NAET to me and told me what she was going to to. I don’t know why, but I was pretty nervous.

I was on my back on a massage table, fully clothed except for glasses and shoes (and iPhone). My therapist would ask me to hold my arm up in the air, thumb pointing to my feet and withstand her push. With the other hand she would hold over my various body parts. When she came to a weak region I couldn’t hold my arm up.

Then she gave me a glass vial with allergens in it. The vibes of the stuff in the vial would influence my body now and we started the arm-pushing game all over again.

This went on for some time and it turns out that I am weak in my lungs, my spleen, gall bladder, small intestine and large intestine. Lots of stuff, but honestly I wasn’t surprised at all.

Then a short session of acupressure on my back started. When I thought of acupressure I thought, well of PRESSURE. But it was very very gentle and I wondered if it would really do anything.

I got a book and made an appointment for next week. Where we would start the egg-mix. No showering for 6 hours. Alright. 

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May 29 '12

I’m back

Hi everyone,

I haven’t postet in 5 billion years, and people started to complain (rightfully so!).

Mainly I stopped writing because I wasn’t sure if what I was doing was a good or bad idea and I didn’t want anyone to try something stupid. (But I realize now that pretty much everything I (we) do here is trial and error). 

Then I lost my habit of writing here and you know how it goes.

I tried a lot of stuff and am still starting new stuff. Tomorrow I’ll have my first session of NAET therapy. It sounds like a load of crap, but we’ll see.

I’m sorry you haven’t heard from me. The urge to share is back and so am I.
You’ll hear from me tomorrow. I have so much to tell! 

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Dec 11 '11

face treatment

I started to use steam for my face. It’s a great treatment when it’s cold outside and your skin gets stressed out.
I boil 1liter water with one big tablespoonful of seasalt in a wide pot. Then I bring my face over the pot and hide myself and the pot under a big towel ^_^ After half an hour or so in the salty steam you’re done.
Then wash up with cold water. Immediatly afterwards my skin feels a bit uncomfortable but one hour later it’s smoother than before :)
Also works great when you have a cold.

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Nov 16 '11

In the trash

That’s where all my creams and lotions went! For 20 days now haven’t used a single product on my skin. The first few days were aweful. My skin was extremely dry and also hurt a little when I bent my arms. Luckily there wasn’t much itching and I enjoyed all the extra time I didn’t spent creaming ;) After a week it started to get better.

My skin barrier is far from repaired, but I’M GETTING BETTER. I wash myself with a wash cloth because even cold showers would dry me out too much in this early stage.
My skin is still very dry, but there is no more pain. It is getting smoother every day.

Why did I do it?
I noticed the more I “moisturized” my skin the more it needed it. My skin had completely forgotten how to take care of itself. Once I came to that realization I couldn’t wait until winter was over, I had to act now. 

How did I do it?
Hot showers are forbidden! I drink 3 to 4 liters of water per day. I eat at least 2 tablespoonfuls of linseed oil in my meals every day. (and other high quality oils)
No sugar, no alcohol, no smoking (I never smoked and drank, but I guess that’s not that way for everybody ;) I walk every day.
I take vitamin C and B supplements as well as Chlorella.
I guess that’s about it. :) 

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Oct 28 '11

thereluctantrawfoodist asked:

How are you doing? :)x

Thanks for asking, I haven’t posted in a pretty long time. But I have thought about you and your lifestyle a lot! Many things are going on right now:

  • I’m halfway through my amalgam filling removement. The doctor is wonderful and the whole process has been painless so far. I’ll start the left side on november 3rd.
  • I’ve decided to make more adjustments in diet: more raw. flour mill on the way.
  • I’ve decided to stop using anything on my skin. It has to learn how to do it on its own again.
  • no more hot showers 

I make sure to drink 4 litres of water per day and to eat enough cold pressed oils like sesame, linseed and olive oil.My skin is VERY dry right now, but I can move and nothing has ripped so far. It could be worse and I am determined to go through with this *battleface*
Thank you for all your help.

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